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Masonry Repairs

Dao Structural UK is an expert in the design and installation of structural repair and reinforcement systems which are used in the refurbishment works for many different reasons.

These frequently include masonry, which has cracked as a result of ground or structural movements, plus increased loading or other stresses. Systems are also installed to stabilise bowed masonry walls and to replace corroded cavity wall tiles.

We consider that cracked masonry is best stabilised by bonding 6mm, 304 grade quality stainless steel bars into the affected masonry. The tensile load is therefore redistributed along the masonry to minimise any further development of the crack.

All work is carried out using dust extraction systems.

Lateral Restraints (BowTie)

BowTie is a long stainless steel tie, used to stabilise bulging walls without any external plates by securing them into the ends of internal floor joists.

BowTie HD is a heavy duty, 12mm diameter threaded bar with self-cutting ends, used to restrain bowing building walls by securing them to internal parallel floor joist or roof beams.


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